Pitchfork Recap

posted JULY 19, 2016


posted JULY 14, 2016

All Book Fort readings at Pitchfork will take place at the Book Fort tent in Union Park. 

All Book Fort readings at Pitchfork will take place at the Book Fort tent in Union Park. 


-Poetry & Music, 6:00 p.m.
Ft. Holly Amos, Caro Macon, Rachel Bell, Suman Chhabra, Blair Bogin, Jessica Bae

-The BreakBeats Poets, 4:00 p.m.
Ft. Kevin Coval, Nate Marshall, Eve Ewing, E'mon Loren
Sponsored by Haymarket Books

-The City & The Essay, 6:00 p.m.
Ft. David Stuart Maclean, Lily Be, Tony Fitzpatrick
Hosted by Britt Julious

-Words & Music, 6:00 p.m.
Ft. JR Nelson, Sasha Green, Meagan Fredette, Britt Julious

Pitchfork Pre-Party

posted JULY 07, 2016


To kick things off for Pitchfork, Book Fort is having an evening of readings from some of our favorite independent presses. Readings are next Thursday, July 14th, from 6-8PM, with an additional DJ set at 9:30 from DJ Oshwa. Hosted by our friends at The Whistler, 2421 N. Milwaukee.

Ft. Jac Jemc, Rachel Wiseman, Ariel Lewiton, Catherine Eves, C. Russell Price, Naomi Huffman 

Pitchfork Music Festival

posted JULY 07, 2016

Everybody get ready: Book Fort. Pitchfork. July 15-17 at Union Park. There will be books, music, and live performances spanning the distance in-between. 

Book Fort Publishers at Pitchfork: Curbside Splendor - featherproof books - Two Dollar Radio - Meekling Press - MAKE - Magic Helicopter Press - Sarabande Books - Haymarket Books - The Point - 7Vientos - The Pitchfork Review - Chicago Humanities Festival - PM Press - Hobart 

Logan Square Arts Festival, here & Gone

posted JUNE 28, 2016

We loved our first year at the Logan Square Arts Festival. The #bk4t tent was next to the second sound stage, where we could enjoy sets from local musicians and quick jaunts to the Revolution Brewing tent. This year, Book Fort hosted Curbside Splendor, featherproof books, The PointDrag City, and a guest appearance from Logan Square's Uncharted Books Saturday and Sunday, we couldn't have had a better time. 

Next up: Pitchfork Music Fest    #bk4t + #p4kfest

Printers row recap

posted JUNE 13, 2016

printers row - June 11&12

posted JUNE 09, 2016

Printers Row is coming at you, running this weekend from 10AM on Saturday through Sunday night at 6PM. This festival, the largest free outdoor literary event in the Midwest, is committed to the written word and literary endeavor, ready to shout its love of books and literature from the rooftops of Printers Row Neighborhood.

Book Fort Publishers
826CHI - Midwestern Gothic - Drag City - Curbside Splendor - featherproof books - The Point - Siete Vientos

Announcing Book Fort tour 2016

posted JUNE 07, 2016


In conjunction with Printer's Row, Logan Square Arts Festival, Pitchfork Music Fest, and The Pygmalion Festival, the entity known as Book Fort is pleased to announce the 2016 summer series of performances and here-today, gone-tomorrow pop-up literary festivals. For a complete and detailed list of this year's publishers, please check out our About page; for festival-specific dates and location information, move to Events. Or keep up to date visually with our Facebook page @bookfortorg.  

And watch this space grow, beautifully, with images and tailored information unique to each festival.